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Below are some frequently asked questions about my coaching program.

How long is each session?

Most sessions run for 12 weeks, however, there are times when I offer 6-week programs and also offer hourly sessions.

Is Business Coaching right for me?

While this program isn’t for everyone, if you have a goal, plan, vision, or dream that you want to take action on and finally bring to life — then this program is for you! If there’s something you want to work on, or achieve, but for some reason haven’t taken action, the key ingredient missing is probably accountability.

How does the program work?

First, you decide whether you want to meet individually or in a group setting (no more than 4 participants per group) via phone or Zoom conference. Then, we have our one-on-one strategy call to get very clear about what you want to achieve in a predetermined period of time, which is typically a 12-week session. This is where you dig deep, pull back the layers and get really focused on what you want to accomplish now. After we’ve firmed up your goals, we’ll meet weekly via teleconference and you’ll make commitments that align with your vision — the result you want to achieve by the end of the session. The weekly calls are where the good stuff happens! You share the highlights of your week and how you came through on your weekly commitments, and then get held Accountable…meaning you receive honest, direct, and compassionate feedback. I want you to succeed, so I will hold you accountable. This step in the process is crucial to your success!

Will this help me with time management?

Absolutely! We all have the same 24 hours in a day to work with. By making targeted weekly commitments and knowing you are going to be held accountable, you’ll realize what you need to focus on and quickly figure out what’s really not that important after all! You’ll learn to prioritize because you’ll be committed to upholding your promise to yourself to fulfill your personal commitments. Once you realize what’s truly important, the ‘other stuff’ will no longer have the power to distract you.

What goals can coaching help me realize?

Somewhere in the back of your mind, there may be something eating at you — something you know you need to get done — or start — and that’s exactly what coaching can help you accomplish. You name it and we work on it — goals around your business, weight loss, health and wellness, work/life balance, money, career, relationships, and material success…the list goes on, but you get the idea.

If I don’t meet my commitments, what can I expect?

There are many excuses that can get in our way when we are trying to get our commitments completed. That’s called resistance. Sometimes it’s the same thing over and over again that keeps showing up and pulling us backwards. Because we are right in the thick of it and it can be hard to decipher ourselves…we just know we’re stuck. In holding you accountable to your commitments I shine a light on the barriers and fears that are holding you back so that you can move forward. Resistance, once acknowledged, can be overcome! There’s always an insightful ‘why’ behind an unmet commitment, and through a dig-deep discussion, you’ll gain clarity in those tough moments — which can lead to powerful transformation.

Being held accountable...what exactly does that mean?

Nothing is impossible when you allow the power of accountability to play an integral role in your future. I have seen people literally change their lives — they’ve lost the weight, they’ve doubled their income, and they’ve started businesses. Clients tell me what their goals and dreams are and they make measurable commitments each week that push them closer to their goal. Business coaching helped one client start a new business through her commitment to send out 10 marketing emails before the following week’s call. While she thought about starting this business for more than a year, she never took action. The simple step of making one commitment, and seeing almost-immediate results, led to a full-fledged, thriving business. The key is in taking action on what you said you were going to do. You are deciding what steps you need to take — and I’m making sure you take those steps.

How long is each weekly meeting?

The group call is 60 minutes and private calls are 30 minutes.

What is your money-back guarantee?

My number one priority is your 100% satisfaction. If you are not fully satisfied with the program, please let me know within 30 days to receive a full refund.


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